Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit. Architectural Building Blocks. STEAM Certified

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Embark on a sustainable architectural adventure with the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit. This cutting-edge ensemble of Architectural Building Blocks is meticulously designed to not only bring your eco-conscious visions to life but also provide an enriching and educational experience. As a proud recipient of STEAM certification, the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit seamlessly integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into the realm of imaginative design, transforming it beyond a mere toy into an educational tool.


Eco-Friendly Elegance Unveiled: Immerse yourself in the world of eco-conscious creativity with the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit. Crafted with precision and an unwavering commitment to sustainability, this kit invites you to construct intricate models using environmentally friendly materials. Your architectural pursuits become a positive force for the planet, reflecting the elegance of eco-friendly living.


Architectural Delight in Every Detail: Explore the art of architectural ingenuity as you construct charming eco-residences, communal spaces, and verdant landscapes within the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit. The precision-engineered building blocks provide the foundation for unleashing your creative potential, turning your vision of a sustainable haven into a tangible masterpiece.


STEAM Certification for Educational Excitement: Elevate your building experience with the added benefit of STEAM certification. The Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit is not just about constructing buildings; it's an educational journey that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a deep appreciation for the integration of science and art in architectural design. It transforms playtime into a hands-on learning adventure.


Limitless Creativity, Infinite Possibilities: The versatility of the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit knows no bounds. Mix and match elements to create unique structures, experiment with architectural styles, and expand your eco-friendly haven to evolve with your imagination. This kit is not just about building; it's an ongoing exploration of your creative potential.


Perfect for Aspiring Architects and Environmental Enthusiasts: Whether you dream of becoming an architect or simply appreciate the beauty of sustainable living, the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit is tailor-made for you. Rediscover the joy of hands-on creation with the assurance that your architectural masterpieces contribute to a more sustainable future.


Versatility Beyond Imagination: The Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit refuses to be confined to a single vision. Expand the horizons of your creativity by seamlessly integrating elements, experiment with various architectural styles, and envision an eco-friendly metropolis where innovation harmonizes with nature.


Ideal for Educational Endeavors: Teachers, parents, and educators, take note – this kit is an ideal tool for hands-on, STEAM-focused education. Enrich learning environments with a kit that not only sparks creativity but also aligns seamlessly with the principles of science and mathematics.


Embark on a transformative architectural journey with the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit. It's not just a set of Architectural Building Blocks; it's an invitation to build a sustainable future, an educational tool that transforms playtime into a STEAM-powered adventure. Unleash your creativity and contribute to a greener world with the Arckit GO Eco Model House Kit, where innovation and eco-consciousness come together seamlessly.

NOTE: Remember that all Arckit construction sets are compatible with one another!

Features a pitched roof design set.
1 x Introductory booklet with instructions for 1 design, reusable box.
A further 3+ alternative building design instructions are available online as well as lots more printable Arckitexture decals and Arckit inspiration.
Arckit Digital components are also available to build via SketchUp and Revit platforms.
Package dimensions: 340x220x60mm
Recommended for age 10+
The GO Eco building kit comes with:
117 Arckit pcs. (Architectural building blocks)
22 x Reusable Arckitexture decals (including white louvres, light timber, dark brick and vegetation)
30 x Arckit cardboard pop-outs (including wind turbine, solar panels, water harvestation tank, air-source heat pump, figurines, trees & furniture).
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1. What is Arckit?
Arckit is a ‘hands-on’ and ‘open-ended’ architectural building block platform consisting of unique components for spontaneously exploring and visualising your ideas in scale model form. Inspired by real modular building techniques, Arckit enables aspiring architects of all ages to build freely and without restrictions using a ‘professional-level’ design tool. Think of Arckit like any instrument, the more you become familiar with it, the more amazing creations you will bring to life.

2. Can I build more than the sample models?
YES! The sample build on the box is just to get you started so you become familiar with Arckit’s unique ‘open-ended’ components and platform. Each kit has a further 3 alternative designs available online which we recommend you also build and then the possibilities for you to create your own masterpieces are truly unlimited. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

3. Are all kits compatible with one another?
YES! All Arckit sets and individual components can freely integrate with one another. If you’re looking to expand your set in a cost effective way, you can purchase individual components and accessories only from Arckit. Click here to check out our online store.

4. Who can enjoy Arckit?
Arckit can be used by anyone from 4yrs and upwards to adults as a fun, practical and stimulating design tool to be enjoyed individually or in groups. Arckit encourages hands-on creativity and less time on your mobile devices.
• Future architects and creators looking to step-up from their building block toys to a more advanced building block tool
• Parents wanting to give a meaningful gift to their children that they will enjoy, reuse and learn from.
• Adult hobbyists, designers and self-builders as a working model for exploring, visualising and communicating their ideas.
• Schools to teach and learn a myriad of STEM & STEAM topics through the lens of architecture.
• Elderly as a fun, engaging and stimulating product to be enjoyed independently or with a group of friends.
Arckit empowers minds through Architecture...Unleash your inner Architect with Arckit!

5. What scale is Arckit?
Arckit is scale 1:50 metric or ¼ imperial however did you know that you can also interpret Arckit at any scale you envisage it to be depending on its surroundings and context? Have fun integrating it with your other building block sets and characters.