Getting your kids to use their minds when they’re playing is becoming more important than ever. After all, we’re already seeing many of our jobs being eliminated and replaced with machines. Who do you think builds those machines? Well, other machines, but who do you think creates the machines that build the machines? Engineers.

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Dot Creativity Accessories Pack

Upgrade your original (blue) Dot the robot with the Creativity Accessories Pack for hours of hands-on creative play. The contents of this pack lend a physical way for a child to engage with Dot. This kit blends the smart technology of Dot the robot with good old-fashioned hands-on creating. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with Dot. 

TRUETRUE All-in-One Coding Robot

The Best Coding Solution for Primary education
The coding robot TRUETRUE was provided with content made in collaboration with the professional faculties of the University of Software Education and the research team from KAIST robotics lab. 

Capable of performing various activities unplugged, block coding, and apps
TRUETRUE helps children have fun learning coding easily, anywhere and anytime. From unplugged activities without PC. To programming with smart devices 

Total coding education: Covering STEAM to curriculum subjects
TRUETRUE supports the comprehensive coding education with learning materials from computer science to creative robot programming which is essential for future-oriented talents.

CleverBlocks Educational Basic Package for DASH or OZOBOT EVO 

  • Tangible - Learn the basic programming touching the blocks with hands and develop fine moter skill. 
  • Off the monitor - No need for smart devices, children can learn how to code directly and visually with physical blocks. 
  • Computational thinking - As being able to see the result of programming immediately, kids can understand the basic concept of programming and algorithm. 
  • Logical, creative thinking - As moving robots by the code and finding errors, kids naturally think logically and solve problems creatively. 
  • Color sense - Stimulate the visual sense with various colors touching colorful blocks. 
  • Expandable - CleverBlocks enables everyone to code in various circumstances and adaptable to any devices.

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