Coding is basically the computer language used to develop apps, websites, and software. Without it, we’d have none of the most popular technology we’ve come to rely on such as Facebook, our smartphones, the browser we choose to view our favorite blogs, or even the blogs themselves. It all runs on code. Remember it would be easier if kids learn when they are young.  

To put it very simply, the code is what tells your computer what to do. To go a bit deeper, computers don’t understand words. They only understand the concepts of on and off. The capabilities of a computer are guided by on and off switches, or transistors. Binary code represents these on and off transistors as the digits 1 and 0. Let’s check what else we can learn about coding? 

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Coding is all about creative problem-solving 

Whether you’re designing a website or creating a new app, as a coder it is your job to make the vision become reality. You’ll need to research different technologies and platforms available to you in order to reach your goal. 

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Coding is a team sport

Contrary to popular stereotypes, the best coders are highly collaborative and work on tight-knit teams. A coding project can include project managers, designers, product managers, and other coders. And just like any team, you’ll need to learn how to navigate group dynamics. When you’re learning to code, it’s best to adopt the best practices of pair programming so you’re prepared to be a contributing team member. 

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Coding requires a keen eye for detail

Forgetting a bracket could break all of your code. Paying close attention to detail is critical to becoming a successful coder. Moreover, whenever you create a new code the best practice is to document exactly what you’ve done, so you can reference what you’ve done later and your team members can know what you’ve added. 

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Learning to code is a constant endeavor

There are numerous coding languages and platforms, and there are always new technologies being created. Becoming a computer coder is a commitment to lifelong learning and trying new things. 

Learning to code opens up a whole new world of opportunities. In addition to job opportunities and high earning potential, there are so many possibilities about working on new, exciting projects and working with diverse people. 

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