Children's sensory development

Remember from learning about science concepts from a young age to coding programs with robots, they're also fun. A win-win for both parents and kids.

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 Sensory Tactile Glow Spheres

A great way of incorporating ICT into numerous areas of learning, in an appropriate developmental way.  A set of light-up, textured balls with intricate designs, that can be used for mark-making, fine motor skills, and calming activities. 

The spheres are rechargeable and are in 3 different designs. Each has a raised pattern, and are lovely to hold and manoeuvre on different surfaces. They are a great resource for improving hand-eye coordination as the children manipulate the spheres around. Try them in dough to make intricate patterns. 

For some children, they will find the activity very soothing. Simply shake the spheres to transform them into illuminated globes of light, that will stay lit for 60 seconds. Each sphere has a rubberised silicone coating for added texture. 

Use them in the sensory area. A great way of incorporating ICT into numerous areas of learning, in an appropriate developmental way. 

Squeezy Sensory Multicoloured Star Light

Ideal sensory resource for exploring light or a fantastic superhero prop. Squeeze or press the star to make it glow. Several colours settings including a mesmerizing ‘colour morph’ mode. Textured outer casing for extra sensory appeal.

The spheres will encourage learning about cause and effect, and stimulus-response. Babies & toddlers can use them in their play, rolling them back and forth, or around and around. 

Plastic Cuboidal Ice Bricks with Glacier Effect

Plastic Cuboidal Ice Bricks with Glacier Effect are construction bricks that kids will enjoy playing with as they build different things including houses, castles and bridges. 

They are shiny and light and children will love playing with them. They are made from plastic and they are a TTS brand. These Ice Bricks have uneven sides so there is quite a challenge in order to get them to stack.

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