STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. In one way or another, most of us engage in one of these activities every day. Today, in formal and informal learning environments, these concepts are being linked together to create an integrated curriculum. Let's check, why STEM is so important for kids?

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Learning across contexts

To help a child learn to count, we can give them a paper worksheet or we could give them the opportunity to go outside, collect natural items, and practice counting with those materials. Children gain better understanding of concepts when we provide them with different contexts for learning and different lenses through which to explore.

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 Early exposure increases passion

When we expose young children to STEM ideas, we create a foundation for future passion and interest in these concepts, which may lead to continued learning and even a successful career in related fields.

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STEM is important in 21st-century careers

In North America, careers in STEM fields are growing at a greater rate than any other occupation. These careers usually come with with higher-than-average incomes and play an important role in sustaining the economy. Science and technology have become very common in many occupations, and in many new careers, the most important skills are being able to quickly gain new knowledge and to innovate.

STEM is fun

Instead of memorizing facts or having an instructed class, children can play while they are learning. Many educators believe that play equals learning, and STEM skills can be easily developed through fun, engaging activities.

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