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Monthly Archives: January 2022

  1. The Value Of Discipline In The Modern World

    The Value Of Discipline In The Modern World

    The importance of discipline is far-reaching across our lifespan and for people everywhere, though have you ever considered how disciplined you are? Perhaps you have already seen our types of behavior and [types of punishment] parenting articles. So, let's take a look at discipline's importance in life and why it is an integral part of professional, social, and academic success for you, and your kids.


    Why Is Discipline Important?

    Learning the importance of discipline is essential for many reasons. Predominately it helps bring stability and structure to our lives. Without it, we would simply be in chaos. It teaches us the importance of being responsible and how to be respectful of our actions. Rules are inevitably the basis of any society in the world. Put it this way, without discipline; everyone would do as they please

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  2. Parenting Strategies For Difficult Children: Our Top Tips

    Parenting Strategies For Difficult Children: Our Top Tips

    If you've got a difficult child then be advised: you are not alone! Kids come with different types of temperament. Some will be sweet as angels (most of the time), while others can be hell-raisers (some of the time). This is no reflection on your qualities as a parent. It's just the way things are. Even two siblings can be at opposite ends of the scale. Parents might not get to choose their kids' emotional ranges, but there are ways to help them control their feelings and tempers. And professional help is available if you need it. This article looks at how to parent difficult children, how to give them the best start in life, and how the family can grow together and understand any underlying problems.



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  3. How A Parents Support Group Could Help You & Your Family

    How A Parents Support Group Could Help You & Your Family

    It's a total thrill ride with twists and turns that can be both exciting and scary. A community to rely on when things get tough can be one of the best resources parents can have.

    Especially if you're going through something that other parents around you can't relate to, finding people who are dealing with the same challenges and experiences might be the best thing you can do. There are all kinds of parent support groups available, from an autistic parents support group to a single parents support group, and you can even set one up if you can't find the right one in your area.



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  4. Micro-habits to parent better every day

    Micro-habits to parent better every day

    We've all received personal advice that makes us jump through hoops before we see any benefits. Get at up at 5.00am and run 10 kilometres to get fit. Fast two days a week to lose weight. Take your children on a two-week holiday to build better bonds. So much hard work to implement.

    The Japanese concept of Kaizen states that small habits are easy to do as they require no willpower. In time, they become a natural part of what you do, and you’re performing better, in this case parenting better, before you know it.

    Following are five micro-habits that will impact positively your relationship with your child. You are encouraged to create your own micro-habits, but this list will get you started.


    Greet your child with a smile every day

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  5. Best Musical Books For Babies

    Best Musical Books For Babies

    Interactive musical books range from hardback to soft cover and a great selection is available to buy online. The best musical books for babies encourage them to utilise their senses and parents to enjoy themselves through a fun reading experience. Books are incredibly important for children of all ages and storytelling can begin with babies.



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    Prepare for the future by experiencing coding education through various activities with

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  6. Why Cooking With Kids Is Fun AND Educational

    Why Cooking With Kids Is Fun AND Educational

    Baking a cake can unlock the secrets of the universe. Decorating a pizza can take you on a journey around the world. The complete curriculum can be licked out of the mixing bowl. All you need is a bit of imagination and patience, and cooking with the kids can become a lesson in… just about anything. Follow the recipes below, and find out how kids can use their loaf while baking one.

    A Soupçon Of Language


    Just think about the vocabulary of cooking for a minute. It’s huge. The list of potential ingredients runs into the thousands, if not tens of thousands. The number of different dishes you can create from them is even greater. Herbs and spices alone stretch from asafoetida to za’atar. Throw in the names of all the different tools and techniques and you have a rich source of words (not to be confused with a

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