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Monthly Archives: September 2022

  1. 3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

    3 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Read

    Raising a successful reader begins with simple steps, like modeling good reading habits for your child and creating a dialogue around books in your household.

    Here are three ways to help your child fall in love with reading. Create an unwavering and joyful connection to books with these tips!

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    1. To encourage reading widely, provide access to a variety of books

    When children see that books are not just for bedtime, but for learning and exploring the world, they’ll start on a journey toward discovering their deep interests.

    For younger readers, try placing books from a

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  2. 10 Essential Roles of School in a Child's Life

    10 Essential Roles of School in a Child's Life

    Schools are an integral part of our youth. Children are considered to be the future, and their growth is significant for the betterment of society. As we all know, the school has multiple roles in a child’s life.

    They are not just institutions that impart education but have a variety of other roles to play. The role of school in children’s life is manifold, ranging from practically transforming their personality traits to grooming them morally.

    As the educational institute has many roles to play in childhood, so do many factors that contribute to it. The role of school in kids’ life can be characterized by various factors including curriculum, surroundings, teachers, etc. Such a role of school in kids’ lives can be divided into major categories such as the Role of school for providing knowledge and school for giving values and ethics. The role of school for providing knowledge is self-explanatory, and the

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  3. Top 10 Facts about Technology for Kids

    Top 10 Facts about Technology for Kids

    Learn about the past and future of technology with some top fun facts!

    Some of the first examples of technology were Stone Age tools

    Technology is the use of knowledge to invent new devices or tools. This means that when people in the Stone Age invented pots to cook and carry things in, this is an example of technology.

    Throughout history, technology has made people’s lives easier.

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    Technology can help us combat Climate Change

    Scientists are creating technology where they pump CO2 from the air into porous rock formations w

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  4. How Our Children are Growing Up with AI

    How Our Children are Growing Up with AI

    A 2019 study conducted by DataChildFutures found that 46% of participating Italian households had AI-powered speakers, while 40% of toys were connected to the internet. More recent research suggests that by 2023 more than 275 million intelligent voice assistants, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, will be installed in homes worldwide.

    As younger generations grow up interacting with AI-enabled devices, more consideration should be given to the impact of this technology on children, their rights, and wellbeing.

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    Unlocking the potential of AI

    AI-powered learning tools and approaches are often regarded

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