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  1. Why should we teach homeschool programming?

    Today in our Merconnet article we want to talk about why should we teach homeschool programming. Computer programming, otherwise known as coding, has become a hot topic in the homeschool community. While coding is currently offered in a small fraction of traditional schools, homeschooling provides a unique and conducive environment for computer science instruction.

    Why should we teach homeschool programming?

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  2. The most popular homeschooling methods you should try

    If you want to know everything about homeschooling, you need to know the most popular methods so you can include them in your class. These methods will make the class less boring and monotonous. You can get the most out of it!

    The most popular homeschooling methods you should try

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  3. 6 coding tools you should use for homeschooling

    This article is about 6 coding tools you should use for homeschooling. Parents add coding to their homeschool curriculum for their incredible benefits. 

    If you want to set your children for academic success, teach them to code.  Coding is the language of the future! 

    6 coding tools you should use for homeschooling

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  4. Ways to implement STEM education

    If you want to know ways to implement STEM education read this article! STEM is the
    abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.
    STEM?Ways to implement STEM education

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  5. Make fan films with HUE Animation Studio

    This article about making fan films with HUE Animation Studio is for film lovers. Have you ever
    loved a movie so much that you can watch it every time, memorize every scene and recite
    almost every world of the script?Make fan films with HUE Animation Studio

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  6. Kids with special needs share a passion for technology

    There is no doubt that innovative tools, and especially technology and robotics can make a
    huge difference for children with special needs. This is especially true for students with autism,
    who often show incredible skills when it comes to coding and robotics. 
    Teach coding with KUBO, it is easy and fun!Kids with special needs share a passion for technology

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  7. Coding and designing robot scenarios

    Students love to practice with KUBO and coding and designing robot scenarios. Robotics has many benefits and there are no limits to the situations or scenarios that can be imagined and the tasks that KUBOCoding and designing robot scenarios can be asked to execute.

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  8. 13 Nov 2017

    Coming soon:

    Coding around the world.

    Coding or not Coding

    Playing and Coding

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  9. Merconnet

    We are preparing our first blog. If there is something you would like us to write about, please write it us an email.


    Wishing you from now.. an Amazing, Peaceful an Prosperous 2018!

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  10. What is the Difference Between Coding and Programming

    Most of our children are growing up with an intimate understanding of technology. We let our kids play on our tablets, smartphones and computers, but it’s important to realize that a child’s exposure to technology doesn’t always have to be just “play.” There’s a wide variety of technological apps, toys, and games that not only provide learning through play, but also expose children to skills that can jump-start their future tech-y careers.

    In recent years, coding and programming toys have become widely talked about by parents and educators who are invested in providing children the building blocks necessary to grasp the underlying concepts of coding. Robotic toys have emerged as great tools which expose children to basic programming languages that help to develop analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as creativity. But if we want to encourage our children to get into this world, we need to understand it ourselves. 

    What is coding a

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