In  the past four decades, several studies have assessed the effect of learning code on primary school children  usually between the ages of six and 13. That's why is something that we need to keep in mind for the younger ones. 

Nobody can escape the touch of digital technologies. It’s used in fields as diverse as hospital equipment, remote education delivery, marketing creative art pieces or improving agricultural productivity. Coding language develops the software that can effectively deal with problems and challenges

Computer language

Coding is just another language, and children areknown to learn new languages faster than older people. So starting young is a good idea. 

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Coding language works with zeros (0s) and ones (1s) and strings of these numbers represent an alphabet. These then translate into words and sentences which triggers the computer or processor to initiate specific tasks. For example, print an image on a screen, open a document that is saved in a computer or play some music. 

Most of these languages can be used to write a series of commands or to develop web applications. But if you feel that you're kid needs a little bit more help, you can reach for tools to help him.

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Benefits of coding

Aside from giving them a head start for the future of work, compared to other forms of numeric sciences, learning code can enhance children’s creativity. 

By comparison, coding builds logical thinking as it requires a focus on solving a specific challenge. This teaches children to evaluate situations from different angles and come up with creative solutions. They also get to test these ideas and, if they don’t work, figure out what went wrong. 

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Also for new learners can meet the coding world step by step with different games or activities. 

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