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Blue-Bot Robot, Command cards, Community Mat & 3D Community Construction Kit

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Blue-Bot with different mats and cards makes classroom education very interactive. More details

Introducing the Newer & Smarter Version

Blue-Bot® is amongst the top favorite early-age robot for kids. It helps children to learn more about control, directional language, estimation, and sequencing & develop programming concepts too.

 It is designed to equip teachers with a hands-on educational floor robot for classrooms. While kids of all ages use it, we recommend this robot for kid’s ages 3+ from KS1 & KS2 to learn a number of skills & to improve their cognitive skills.

Each Blue-Bot command card pictures one of the 'bot control keys on one side and an image of a Bee-Bot with the same key highlighted on the other. Children can use the cards to record their command sequence as they push Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot's buttons. Command cards provide a visual record of the planned program that students can follow as it is executed. Cards may also be used to create games and challenge young learners.
Build a community for Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot to explore! The 3D Community Kit provides everything you need to construct a community on the table or floor. Building the community promotes construction skills while sending Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot on a community exploration develops coding skills. Pairing Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot with the 3D Community is an exciting hands-on way to enhance community studies.
The 3D Community Kit contains everything you need to construct a 3D community in the classroom. It contains 15 boxes that may be assembled into "buildings" along with pre-printed stickers to apply to create 12 different community institutions. Images are taken from the Community Mat and include a school, library, police station, toy store, and pizza parlor. Students may use the three blank boxes to create buildings of their own, drawing on them or pasting photos or images, allowing them to customize the 3D community as they learn.
The 3D Community may be used in conjunction with Terrapin's Community Mat or as a standalone project.
Using Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot with the 3D Community Buildings is more challenging to navigate and gets students down on the level even more for seeing from the 'bots perspective. Helps develop hand-eye coordination, coding, and navigation skills.
The community mat puts Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot in a community setting with room to room from place to place along the street. Moving Bee-Bot or Blue-Bot along the busy street provides lessons in community and helps develop students geography skills.
The community mat is made of washable vinyl and measures approximately 54" by 40" (120 cm by 90 cm)
The 3D Community Construction Kit adds a new dimension to the Community Mat and community studies. Bring the community on the mat to life by constructing 3D buildings with the same images.


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