Bundle 2 Bee Bot, Community Mats and People Mats

  Embark on a dual adventure of coding and community exploration with the Bundle 2 – featuring not one, but two Bee Bot robots accompanied by the captivating Comm More details
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Embark on a dual adventure of coding and community exploration with the Bundle 2 – featuring not one, but two Bee Bot robots accompanied by the captivating Community Mats and People Mats. This comprehensive bundle is a dynamic educational toolkit designed to engage young minds in hands-on coding experiences and promote social awareness through imaginative play.

The stars of the show are the Bee Bot robots, charming and programmable companions that introduce coding concepts in an accessible and enjoyable way. With two Bee Bots, collaborative learning takes center stage, encouraging teamwork and shared discovery as young learners navigate these delightful robots across the vibrant Community Mats and People Mats.

The Community Mats transport children to bustling townscapes, inviting them to explore various aspects of community life. The rich visuals depict scenes of daily activities, fostering discussions about cooperation, teamwork, and the diverse roles that contribute to a thriving community. It's not just about coding; it's about understanding the interconnectedness of community dynamics.

Complementing the Community Mats are the People Mats, featuring diverse and inclusive characters that become the protagonists of coding adventures. These mats introduce storytelling elements, allowing children to weave narratives as they guide the Bee Bots through scenarios that reflect real-world interactions and connections within a community.

The Bundle 2 seamlessly integrates coding with social awareness, offering a holistic learning experience. Whether in a classroom or at home, this bundle transforms learning spaces into dynamic hubs of exploration, collaboration, and imaginative play. The Bee Bots, Community Mats, and People Mats collectively create an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and enriches the learning journey.

Elevate coding education and social awareness with the Bundle 2 Bee Bot, Community Mats, and People Mats. Watch as children develop essential coding skills, explore the dynamics of community life, and engage in collaborative play. This comprehensive bundle is a key to unlocking a world of educational possibilities where learning is not just about coding but also about understanding, connecting, and growing together.

Bee Bot - Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children ages 3+. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!

Bee-Bot Pocket Mat Size 8 x 8 - Personalise your own mat by inserting your own pictures and drawings. Create your own cards to retell your favourite story or support any cross-curricular topics.

Transparent Grid Mat - This clear 4 x 4 grid can be used to help with programming routes for Bee-Bot. Place the clear mat on top of existing carpets and maps or simply ask the pupils to design their own mats. 2D items can be placed under the clear mat. With such a versatile resource, the possibilities are endless.

Marketplace Mat - Take Bee-Bot on an adventure around the Market Place to visit different stalls and complete his shopping list.

People Who Help Us Mat - A nice introduction to Our Community and People Who Help Us, such as the hospital, police station and many more.

Busy Street Mat - This mat provides a multitude of activities to suit a variety of learning objectives. Take Bee-Bot on a journey and complete his shopping list.

Farmyard Mat - Introduce children to different animals, crops and how they are grown etc. Program Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot on a farmyard adventure with this colourful floor mat. Learn about life on the farm, different farm animals and act out rural adventures!



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Bundle Contents:
  • 2 BEE-BOT
  • 1 People who help us MAT
  • 1 Busy street MAT
  • 1 Farm Yard MAT
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