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Bundle Ipevo Point 2 View Camera + USB extension cable

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The Point 2 View's versatility starts with its multi-jointed stand and weighted base. Three points of articulation mean that you can position the camera at most any height and angle. And the camera's ergonomic grip, as well as a universal monitor clip, give you even more view options.
The camera itself is 2 Megapixels, and features an excellent macro mode to capture tiny details and the smallest text from as close as 2 inches (5 cm) away. The camera can be toggled between single-click autofocus—ideal for a subject that stays at one distance, like a stationary sheet of paper—or continuous autofocus, which is best for hands-on demonstrations when the subject is moving.
With the Active USB Extension Cable, you have the freedom to connect any USB 2.0 device to your computer at any distance. Conveniently connect your USB device from across the room, or use the extra length to hide cable under and around furniture. You can also connect several extension cables together for even more flexibility. The possibilities are limitless, and no matter the distance, you'll experience flawless operation with active USB 2.0, which overcomes the usual 16 foot (5 meter) signal transfer limitation.
This cable will prove its value in numerous ways. Multiple 10m cables can be “daisy-chained” together to create the perfect length for your needs. And with active USB 2.0, you won't experience communication problems or signal loss with the 10m cable or with any number of cables connected together. You'll enjoy a standard maximum data transfer speed of 480Mbps, and cables are fully shielded for error-free connections.


2 Megapixel USB web camera, with macro mode for excellent closeup imagesUnique, multi-jointed stand, handheld grip, and universal monitor clip for unlimited view optionsContinuous or single-click autofocus for clarity and sharpness every timeOne-touch snapshot mode; snapshots can be refined and organized with included softwarePlug-and-play for both PC and Mac; seamless integration with a wide variety of IM applications
Active USB extends the normal 5m length limit so you can connect your USB 2.0 device at any distance
Daisy chain any number of cables to customize your total cable length
Standard data transfer speed of 480Mbps; fully shielded for error-free connections
PC or Mac, plug-and-play, and hot swappable
Comes in 10m length; no external power needed for single 10m cable

Technical Specifications

Electrical Specifications
True 2.0-megapixel CMOS sensor
USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
USB bus powered
Hardware Description:
2-megapixel USB camera
Auto-focus with up to 2" extreme close-up
Plug & play USB 2.0 Video Class (UVC) interface
Shortcut keys for snapshot and auto-focus
Versatile weighted stand with adjustable arm
Works with leading Instant Calling applications including Skype, iChat, Windows Live, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, etc.
System Requirements:
Mircrosoft Windows 7, Vista or XP
1.4GHz CPU or higher (2.4GHz recommended)
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
200MB free hard disk space
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
1.4GHz CPU or higher (2.4GHz recommended)
512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
200MB free hard disk space
USB cable:
Standard USB 2.0 connector
10m extender cable
Compatible with: Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Me/98SE, Mac OS 8.6 and above


Point 2 View USB Camera
Weighted stand with adjustable arm
Universal clip (for laptops & monitors)
CD with P2V software and user manual
Quick-start guide
USB Extension Cable



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