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TRUETRUE All-in-One Coding Robot

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Prepare for the future by experiencing coding education through various activities with TrueTrue All-in-One Educational More details
The Best Coding Solution for Primary education
The coding robot TRUETRUE was provided with content made in collaboration with the professional faculties of the University of Software Education and the research team from KAIST robotics lab.

Capable of performing various activities unplugged, block coding, and apps
TRUETRUE helps children have fun learning coding easily, anywhere and anytime. From unplugged activities without PC. To programming with smart devices

Total coding education: Covering STEAM to curriculum subjects
TRUETRUE supports the comprehensive coding education with learning materials from computer science to creative robot programming which is essential for future-oriented talents.

1. Age Level : From 4 ~ 11 years old, mainly for Primary school (We can cover from the unplugged activity to EPL[Scratch])
2. What Skills to Develop? Students can develop various SW skills with TRUETRUE. Please refer to the attachment. (page 2, 4, 6, 10, 12~14)
3. Why TRUETRUE? It’s because of the wide coverage of coding curriculum owing to the features and cost-effectiveness. It’s relatively cheap compared with the other robot. If the price is similar, TRUETRUE has more functions. If there is a robot that has a similar specification, our robot is cheaper.
Especially we have a strength in the unplugged activities (We are using coding cards). This makes to start SW education earlier and easier (This means the entry barrier is weak. Because parents are worried about the early use of computers and smart devices. As you know, IT’S ABOUT SW EDUCATION).
4. TRUETRUE Curriculum? Yes, we have a curriculum (written in English). It’s more than 3 years. For 5~7 years (33 books / 11 books for a year). And we can also share the contents material with you for developing on your own curriculum.
Coding Education:
  • Unplugged - Let’s learn the basic principles of coding such as sequence, loop, and condition before entering the programming step. In this stage, children can learn coding with TRUETRUE even without computers.
  • Color Card (color coding card) - Make TRUETRUE move by coding with color cards. Children can easily understand the fundamental principles of coding while checking the robot’s movement.
  • Motion Detection - TRUETRUE recognizes tilted direction and order by using its 3-axis accelerometer. Program TRUETRUE’s movement using motion detection. Experience the powerful motion recognition function of TRUETRUE, the robot that moves by following your movements.
  • Line Tracing - TRUETRUE can follow a drawn line and read colors on paper or table PC. This line tracing inspires learners to create activities by drawing with TRUETRUE and with fun.
  • Block Coding - In EPL coding step, TRUETRUE also helps learners understand block coding easily. Once the blocks are assembled, TRUETRUE will start moving. Operate the robot by combining blocks comprised of various commands.
  • Maker Activity - Enjoy various creative activities with TRUETRUE. Enhance learning effects and the interest of learners. It makes coding more fun.
  • Making music with TRUETRUE - Make your own special music with Truebot Music Card app and SCRATCH. You can engage in various music activities such as TrueNanta and HandBell.fects and the interest of learners. It makes coding more fun.
  • Working out with TRUETRUE - Enjoy various sports with TRUETRUE. TRUETRUE can accompany you for tennis, bowling and other various sports activities.
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  • TRUETRUE All-in-One Educational Coding Robot
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