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Makerspaces 3

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Makerspace bundle creates a real-world applications for classroom concepts and enagages children of all ages in science, engineering and coding. Encourage children to explore new opportunities and empower them with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children share supplies, skills, and ideas, and work together on projects and emerge themselves as inventors, builders and creators. We offer a wide range of STEM products for children of all ages at an affordable price.
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Makerspaces 3

  • The RP800A Professional 3D Printing Pen with OLED Displayhas an ultra-slim design tha makes the user to easily maneuver the pen to come up with creative 3D designs, that would be impossible for a larger design.
  • SAM Labs STEAM Course Kit (Team size) is perfect for groups of students, comprised of a variety of teaching materials, a flow-based coding app and a significant number of wireless electronic blocks and accessories. Use the SAM Blocks and the SAM Space app to build classroom projects and complete lesson plans that align with your curriculum.
  • The SmartGurlz Coding Doll is the STEM educating doll scooter for kids ages 6+. Teaches girls to code by providing lively coding assignments, stories and missions that inspires the young girls of today to be the leaders and creators of tomorrow.
  • The Blue Pre-Assembled Ohbot v.2.1 for MS Windows is a robot that comes with Scratch, a graphical programming language that allows anyone to program the robot, no matter how new one is to programming.
  • KIBO is a screen-free robot kit for kids that lets 4- to 7-year-olds create, design, decorate and bring their own robot to life! KIBO is an easy and fun way to bring robotics and coding to your young learners and spark their interest in STEAM. Build. Art. Code. Play.
  • A4 Illuminated Writing Boards Set includes four rechargeable boards and docking station. These illuminated writing boards are ideal for encouraging young children to write, helping them to gain confidence. Use with fluorescent dry-wipe pens; wipe surface clean after use.
  • Lightbox Acrylic Jigsaw are chunky, coloured connecting pieces. Create a vibrant, illuminated jigsaw pattern. A great accessory for your light panel activities. Children can experiment and explore to see how the pieces fit together. The light shining through the acrylic tiles adds to the engagement. Try adding different acetate sheets to the top of the panel to create different effects. The chunky pieces are ideal for small hands to grasp. A wonderful way of adding a sensory element to pattern and sequencing.
  • ErgoErgo is a extraordinary seating concept combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design. Encourages us to sit as nature intended. And itʼs recyclable. KidsErgo Stool for Active Sitting. Kids learn better when they move. They play, touch, build, skip, wiggle and giggle.
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    Makerspaces 3
  • 3D pen
  • SAM LABS - STEAM Course Kit (Team Size)
  • SmartGurlz
  • Ohbot
  • Kibo
  • A4 Iluminated Writing Board
  • Light box Acrilic Jig saw
  • Chairs
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