IPEVO TOTEM 360 Immersive Conferencing Camera + Speakerphone

The IPEVO TOTEM 360 is an all-in-one-video-visual solution. It combines four cameras to provide a seamless 36–degree image, an all-around speaker for immersive sound, a More details
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The IPEVO TOTEM 360 is an all-in-one-video-visual solution. It combines four cameras to provide a seamless 36–degree image, an all-around speaker for immersive sound, and a four-microphone array with AI noise reduction to capture voices clearly.


With the IPEVO TOTEM 360, you can create a highly effective conferencing platform for your teams, lectures, and presentations. Its immersive video modes allow online participants to feel engaged as if they were physically present in the meeting room or lecture hall. The IPEVO TOTEM 360 is also portable and easy to set up, making any room suitable for hybrid conferencing.


Panoramic 5K with Video Stitching Technology


The IPEVO TOTEM 360 enables you to capture the entire room with its four cameras, which deliver a seamlessly stitched 360-degree view. This allows for a comprehensive perspective of the space without any spatial distortion.


Four Beamforming Microphones


This device features microphones that capture sound from all directions. Using beamforming technology, the microphones can determine the direction of the sound, allowing them to track the active speakers effectively.


360-degree Sound Diffusion Speaker


The TOTEM 360 features a speaker that spans all around its base, ensuring that sound is delivered evenly in all directions.


AI Tracking and Framing


The TOTEM 360 uses AI technology to track the presenter or meeting participants, keeping them in focus during the recording or video conference.


AI Noise Reduction


It features AI noise reduction that filters out background noise, ensuring clear and undisturbed communication during conferences.


Hybrid Learning Mode


It displays both the lecturer and the class simultaneously, with the AI tracking the lecturer to ensure they remain in focus.


Presentation Mode


It offers a directional video mode for presentations, utilizing AI to track up to two presenters.


Works with Everything, Instantly


It is plug-and-play compatible with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Barco ClickShare, and more. It also works on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook devices.




360° IMAGE AND SOUND: is a complete audio-visual solution, providing a seamlessly stitched 360° image with Panoramic 5K, sound from an all-around speaker, and capturing voices via an array of four beamforming microphones with AI noise reduction.
IMMERSIVE VIDEO MODES: TOTEM's four AI-enhanced video modes remove the barriers of hybrid conferencing and learning. You can cycle them with a press of a button, without the need for any additional software.
PERSON & VOICE AI TRACKING: Based on the selected video mode, the AI identifies up to four active speakers, highlighting them in individual close-up or tracking their movement.
FOR MULTIPLE MEETING ROOMS: Deploy TOTEM 360 in any meeting room and instantly upgrade it into a hybrid conferencing or learning space. All it takes is to plug it in and start your meeting. PLUG & PLAY: Compatible with all common conferencing apps and the Barco ClickShare system on Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks.
Model: CDCU-01IP
Color: Dark blue Black

Size: ( L x W x H ): 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 10″ / (72 x 72 x 255 mm)
Weight: 1.27 lbs (575 g)

Panoramic 5k: 4992 x 928 @ 30FPS
Full HD: 1920 x 1080 @ 30FPS
1280 x 720 @ 30FPS
Lens type: Fixed focus
Zoom: 2.5X digital zoom
FOV: ( HFOV: 360° , VFOV: 60° )

Built-in Features
Microphone type: 4 x Omni-directional microphone
Sound pick-up distance: 16.40 ft / 5 m, Range: 360°, S/N Ratio 64 dB ( A )
Speaker: Peak out power 6 W, root mean square 5 W
Physical Control Buttons: Power button, Video Mode button, Speaker Volume button, Mic mute / unmute.
IPEVO TOTEM 360 360° Immersive Conference Camera
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