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Protect your Eyes from harmful rays of TABLETS. Screens from Reticare

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Reticare is the only protection that has been shown to reduce the death of retinal cells in-vitro (human cells) and in-vivo. You will also notice it from the first day: Less fatigue, sleep better and increase visual comfort.
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Reticare eye protector for TABLETS
Ocular fotoprotector for screens of electronic devices that absorbs short-wavelength light (Blue light), protects your retina and reduces eyestrain from day one. It is 100% tactile, with durable fixation and is easily placed and protects screen from scratches.

Practice healthier habits of electronic usage and don’t risk your eyes. Reticare reduces eye strain, dry/itchy eyes, headaches, sleep disorders while focusing on its most important eye health benefit of preventing *retina cell damage.

Retina cell damage is irreversible and can lead to central blindness (Macular Degeneration).

Compatible for Apple iPad Air/ Apple iPad Pro 7"/ Apple iPad Pro 10.5"/ Apple iPad Pro 11"/ Samsung Galaxy Tab 4(10.1")

  • The use of blocking components of the short-wave length of the light emitted by LED sources:
  • Protects the retina adequately, the cornea and the crystalline lens from the harmfull effects of the short-wave length of the light
  • Reduces visual fatigue and sleep disorder produced by LED sources
  • Improves comfort and visual function

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  • Decreases the risk of Central Blindness
  • Improves Dream patterns: You can sleep better
  • Provides greate visual comfort
  • Reduces skin aging
  • 100% tactile
  • Covers only LIT PORTION
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  • Reticare eye protector for TABLETS. The pack includes: 1 Reticare ocular fotoprotector, a wet wipe, a cleaning cloth, a spatula and a quick installation guide.
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