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CleverBlocks Educational Basic Package for DASH or OZOBOT EVO

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You don't need any smart devices to learn with the First Hands-On Coding CleverBlocks Basic Package for DASH or OZOBOT E More details
Learn naturally with hands:

  • Tangible - Learn the basic programming touching the blocks with hands and develop fine moter skill.
  • Off the monitor - No need for smart devices, children can learn how to code directly and visually with physical blocks.
  • Computational thinking - As being able to see the result of programming immediately, kids can understand the basic concept of programming and algorithm.
  • Logical, creative thinking - As moving robots by the code and finding errors, kids naturally think logically and solve problems creatively.
  • Color sense - Stimulate the visual sense with various colors touching colorful blocks.
  • Expandable - CleverBlocks enables everyone to code in various circumstances and adaptable to any devices.
  • Blocks:
  • Main block - recognizes and passes commands like the head of a computer.
  • Device block - It decides which device to connect. Besides Ozobot and Dash, CleverBlocks can be connected to various devices.
  • End block - Mark the end of the program after assembling all the blocks.
  • Memory block - It remembers the blocks connected above. If you connect it to another program, it runs memorized blocks.
  • Repeat start/end - It repeats the commands of blocks in between.
  • Move block - It moves the connected device back and forth by the specified distance.
  • Rotate block - This block makes the connected device to turn left and right by certain angle.
  • Variable blocks - Set the moving distance, rotation angle and number of repetition.
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    CleverBlocks Basic Package:
  • 1 Main block
  • 1 Device block
  • 1 End block
  • 3 Memory blocks
  • 3Move blocks
  • 2 Rotate blocks
  • 1 Repeat start block
  • 1 Repeat end block
  • 4 Number variable blocks
  • 2 Angle variable blocks
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