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GinoBot™ Premium Edition combines the advanced version of GinoBot™ with the Mechatronics add-on in a single fully expandable set! It includes an extensive librar More details
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GinoBot™ Premium Edition combines the advanced version of GinoBot™ with the Mechatronics add-on in a single fully expandable set! It includes an extensive library of mechanical and electronic elements that enable students to build at least 10 different robotic models such as a walking hexapod, a grabber, a line-drawing car and an excavator. The set comes with an extra motor which allows additional actions such as grabbing or lifting. This edition is the ultimate robotic tool kit and empowers students to gradually move beyond coding and engage in open-projects while applying engineering design methodologies.


Meet the GinoBot™

GinoBot™ is a highly programmable robot ready to be used straight out of the box. Developed by a high-level research team of engineers and academics, GinoBot™ is a unique tool for teaching STEM disciplines, computational thinking and digital literacy with fun and handson experiencial activities.

GinoBot™ is the robot that helps students explore divergent projects in a broad range of levels. It has literally unlimited expansion potential since it allows the attachment of add-on 3rd party electronics and hardware like a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and micro:bit. Besides its internal sensors and its expandability with 3rd party electronics, the body of GinoBot™ is also compatible with the ENGINO® building system to construct larger and more sophisticated robots.

From Plug & Play robot...

The innovation of GinoBot™ lies within its core design. It is expandable and adaptable to a very broad range of features to match the classroom needs of different ages. Plug&play robots are commonly used in pre-school and early primary classrooms in order to teach algorithmic and computational thinking. GinoBot™ is an ideal plug&play robot since it allows manual programming and wireless control that allows teaching the fundamental steps of programming.

... To high-end coding and electronics

The upgradable potential of GinoBot™ is essentially unlimited due to its compatibility with microcontrollers such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi and micro:bit. Teaching real programming languages such as C/C++ and Python can easily be adopted in a classroom, while maintaining fun, entertainment and motivation to the students. The advantage of working in open projects materializes through this holistic solution that combines mechanics with software and electronics.

GinoBot™ comes in various editions to allow different possibilities depending on school’s budget, age of students and complexity required.

9-12 Appropriate Ages
248 Pieces
10 Models to Build
0 Printed Instructions
10 Online 3D Instructions
Included in Premium Edition:
Carton box (29.3 x 29.3 x 8.3 cm)
1 x GinoBot™ robot
Internal divider
248 Plastic parts
708 Connecting points

Curriculum in digital format
Theory in robotics!
Coding challenges!
Teacher’s guide!
Programming Manual
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