Picoh, Orange Robot, a programmable robot head. NOMINATED FOR BEST AV/VR/AR ROBOTICS BETT 2022

NOMINATED FOR BEST AV/VR/AR ROBOTICS BETT 2022 Meet Picoh, the remarkable orange robot that's not just an educational robot – it's a groundbreaking programmable robot More details
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Meet Picoh, the remarkable orange robot that's not just an educational robot – it's a groundbreaking programmable robot head. Nominated for the prestigious Best AV/VR/AR Robotics award at BETT 2022, Picoh is poised to revolutionize the way we learn, play, and interact with technology.


Key Features:


Innovative Design: Picoh's striking orange design captures attention and sparks curiosity, making it an engaging companion for learners of all ages.


Programmable Creativity: Dive into the world of coding and robotics with Picoh. Its programmable nature allows you to bring your imaginative ideas to life through code.


Versatile Learning Tool: Picoh is more than just a robot head; it's a versatile learning tool that can be adapted for various educational activities and projects.


Award-Nominated: Recognized by experts in the field, Picoh's nomination for the Best AV/VR/AR Robotics award at BETT 2022 speaks to its outstanding potential in the realm of educational robotics.


Interactive Learning: Experience hands-on, interactive learning that fosters critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity while having fun with Picoh.


Engaging Entertainment: Picoh is not limited to education; it's also your entertaining companion for games, storytelling, and interactive experiences.


Cutting-Edge Technology: Powered by cutting-edge technology, Picoh offers an advanced platform for exploring robotics, AI, and computer science concepts.


Endless Possibilities: With Picoh, the possibilities are endless. From coding challenges to educational games, Picoh adapts to your learning objectives.


Discover the future of educational robotics with Picoh, the orange robot head that has received acclaim and recognition in the industry. It's not just a robot; it's a gateway to interactive, educational, and entertaining experiences.


Don't miss your chance to engage with the future of robotics. Bring Picoh into your learning environment today and explore the endless opportunities it offers for creativity and innovation.


Scheme of work

For more about Picoh visit www.ohbot.co.uk.

Support for Picoh is available from [email protected]


Three servo motors make Picoh’s head turn, tilt and lip move.
LED matrix eyes, change Picoh's eye shape, pupil position and blink.
speech - Picoh speaks typed text, and can use different voices. Sound is heard through your computer speakers; Picoh has no built in speaker.
and coloured light – yep, its base lights up
​Picoh Robot is 10 cm tall
Supplied assembled
Connects directly via USB cable to computer to program and control. Programs run live.
Human Safety
Use by children is for ages 7+ under adult supervision.
Any external power supply used with the product shall comply with relevant regulations and standards applicable to the country of intended use.
This product should be operated in a well ventilated environment and, if used inside a case, the case should provide adequate ventilation.
This product should be placed on a stable, flat, non-conductive surface in use and should not be contacted by conductive items.
All peripherals used with the product should comply with relevant standards for the country of use and be marked accordingly to ensure that safety and performance requirements are met.
Where peripherals are connected that do not include the cable or connector, the cable or connector used must offer adequate insulation and operation in order that the requirements of the relevant performance and safety requirements are met.
Robot Safety
​ Do not expose it to water, moisture, or place on a conductive surface whilst in operation.
Do not impede the product’s motors from moving whilst they are powered to move.
Do not expose it to heat from any source; the product is designed for reliable operation at normal ambient room temperatures.
Take care whilst handling to avoid mechanical or electrical damage to the printed circuit board and connectors.
Avoid handling the printed circuit board while it is powered. Only handle by the edges to minimise the risk of electrostatic discharge.
  • Picoh Robot in Orange color
  • Licence for Windows, block based programming App.
  • Python library for Rasperry Pi, Windows and macOS
  • USB Cable
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