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Edison V2.0 Robot

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EdPy is a Python based programming environment for Edison. More details
Edison V2.0 Robot
Edison V2.0 Robot Edison V2.0 Robot
Meet Edison V2.0: Get started on your EdVenture into coding and robotics with the EdPack1, which includes 1 Edison robot and 1 EdComm programming cable:
Edison has received some exciting upgrades since the very first version shipped in December 2014. Let’s take a look at them.
Precision Driving
Edison V2.0 has wheel encoders. Wheel encoders allow Edison to travel specific distances at exact speeds. Think of it as cruise control. Edison can now also turn to specific angles (using and drive straight – VERY straight.
Clutch mechanism
Edison V2.0 has a clutch in each gear box that prevents damage to the gears if the wheels are forced around. This means Edison V2.0 is even tougher.
More power at the wheels
Edison V2.0 has upgraded motor drive components that deliver more power to the wheels. This also improves efficiency helping to conserve battery power, as the motors are only supplied with the power they need, no more and no less.
Longer range obstacle detection
Edison V2.0 has more precise obstacle detection and can be calibrated for longer range sensing. The sensitivity also stays constant throughout the life of a set of batteries. Calibrate once and you don’t need to do it again.
Longer battery life
Edison V2.0 has higher quality electronic components and a smarter sleep mode that uses less power. Edison V2.0 can be awoken from sleep mode by just pressing the triangle button. Sleep mode is activated after 5 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery power.
A more sensitive clap sensor
Edison V2.0 can detect claps from smaller hands. A small round of applause!
More programming space
Edison V2.0 has more than 5kB of memory for downloading larger programs. This is five times more than the original Edison’s 1kB.
More programming options
Edison’s graphical programming software, EdWare is getting some friends. Meet EdPy and EdBlocks.
EdPy is a Python based programming environment for Edison. It’s FREE, online and the best way we can think of to introduce students to a written programming language. Students can now write programs in Python and see their code come to life in Edison. Check it out here
  • Edison V2.0 Robot with EdComm programming cable.
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