Engineering Kit with STEM Activities Jay-D Build & Code Your Own DJ Mixer, Kids STEM Toys Ages 11+

With the DIY DJ mixer learn about digital sound production and get a step closer to your dream of becoming a DJ superstar. This mini mixer has al More details
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With the DIY DJ mixer learn about digital sound production and get a step closer to your dream of becoming a DJ superstar.

This mini mixer has almost all the basic functions of a professional mixer.

Enjoy two simultaneous playback slots, queue your song list, and explore built–in speakers, various equalizers and sound effects.

The CircuitMess STEM Box is the perfect fun-tastic challenge for beginners ages 11+, with everything you need in 1 handy box! We provide your child with online tutorials, a step-by-step Build Guide with 100+ photos, and a detailed beginner’s Coding Guide for our drag-and-drop coding interface, CircuitBlocks!

Developed from the ground up and meticulously constructed using top-grade materials, our science kits are built different from the average robot kit that breaks easily and doesn’t work properly. Produced & manufactured at our headquarters in Croatia, each electronic kit is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our quality standards, then hand-packed by us for safe, secure delivery.

This DIY electronic kit brings engineering principles to life, teaching your child the science behind the tools they use in everyday life. Whether your kid is new to STEM or an experienced maker, they’ll learn all about AI, machine learning, autonomous driving and more – and have a blast playing with our customizable hardware and software. Each robot toy includes an Anatomy Guide with details about each part and how it works.

Crank Up The Volume!

Jay–D has an aux output port. Connect headphones or external speakers using a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Enjoy the light show

A little bling–bling effect can't hurt, right? Your Jay–D has super cool LED lights, making it great for a proper clubbing effect.

Build Jay-D and learn these STEM Skills

Hardware skills:

How a DJ mixer works
Digital to analog conversion
Microcomputers & other electronic components

Coding skills:

Coding in Python & CircuitBlocks.

Digital audio systems and their functions.

Sound waves and how to produce them.

How to code custom sound effects & light shows.



Perfect for kids, parents & experienced makers!
Build Jay-D and learn STEM
Easy-to-follow instructions
Coding in Python & CircuitBlocks
Age: 11 years and up
Weight: 1.1 pounds
Lifetime support
Main circuit board
Display board
Acrylic casing
A bag of small components
Two 5W speakers
Custom–made plastic knobs
USB-C cable for charging and programming
Micro SD card with preloaded beats
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