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Code music is an innovative tool for teachers and therapists to conduct rhythmic and musical exercises with a wide range of applications in Logorhythmics. Rhythm, s More details
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Code music is an innovative tool for teachers and therapists to conduct rhythmic and musical exercises with a wide range of applications in Logorhythmics.

Rhythm, sound and melody contained in easy-coded patterns encourage children, teenagers and even adults to engage in active, smiling, logical play, tapping, creating, playing and making music.

All in the form of simple code. 

RHYTHMIC VALUES CODE - sound lengths are recorded using the Korbo  PLATFORM AND COLORFUL BLOCKS.

The gears are placed on platforms with pins always located in fixed,  unchanging places, which gives us equal measurements.

We can build measures with equal measures with KORBO due to equal, fixed points on the platforms. We can write rhythmic values ​​in code: EIGHTHONDS AND CROSS NOTES.

In a simple way, children learn the length of sounds and the pause in music.

They read, clap, tap or write down the rhythm they hear without knowing  the rhythmic values.

An additional advantage is the ability to quickly change the rhythm or melody, because the blocks can be  rearranged and increased in number, which provides countless opportunities for exercise and fun.

The color code known throughout the world determines the pitch of a sound. The rhythmic code from KORBO organizes rhythmic values. 

By combining these two functions, we achieve a fantastic effect. We can play well-known melodies  rhythmically and melodically. CODE MUSIC classes enable you to make music together,

concentration and listening. Every child who is a member of the team feels important and needed. It tracks the moment of playing its sound  and its length in the coded song diagram. 

Making music together, following the notation on the diagram, is a fantastic exercise in CONCENTRATION and LISTENING.

Carrying out the exercises and tasks contained in the Code Music book will allow anyone, even without special musical preparation, to conduct musical classes and prepare children for performances using various instruments, e.g. musical pipes, e.g. Boom boom pipes or bells will no longer be a problem.


Important! Please do not mix the Korbo Music set with other Korbo brick sets. The Music set has a special color scheme for encoding music. Mixing colors makes it impossible to conduct classes according to the attached book.



KORBO CODE MUSIC offers various possibilities:
1. Arranging and playing rhythmic sequences,
2. Listening, remembering and reproducing the rhythms heard,
3. Encryption and coding of rhythms and the use of the created code in musical games,
4. Understanding the duration of appropriate note values ​​(quarter note, eighth note),
5. Interpretation of rhythmic patterns by movement, using sound-generating gestures: clapping, clicking, stomping, hitting your knees,
6. Visualize a simple, colorful score and play a melody using musical pipes,
7. Distinguishing the pitch of sounds,
8. Remembering the letter names of the sounds of the C major scale,
9. Searching for similarities between the code and musical notation,
10. Developing teamwork skills.
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