Fun Kit Bee-Bot, Pen Holder, Obstacle Course and Sensor Fonts Bundle

Explore the world of hands-on learning and innovation with the Fun Kit Bee-Bot Bundle. This comprehensive package includes the Bee-Bot robot, a Pen Holder, an Obstacle Co More details
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Explore the world of hands-on learning and innovation with the Fun Kit Bee-Bot Bundle. This comprehensive package includes the Bee-Bot robot, a Pen Holder, an Obstacle Course, and Sensor Fonts, offering an engaging and educational experience for students of all ages.

The Bee-Bot robot, at the heart of this bundle, introduces students to the exciting realm of programming and coding in a playful and interactive way. Watch as they navigate the robot through various challenges, fostering problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

With the Pen Holder, turn the Bee-Bot into an artistic tool, allowing students to creatively express themselves while exploring the fundamentals of robotics. The Obstacle Course adds an extra layer of excitement, encouraging students to design and navigate their own challenging routes, enhancing spatial awareness and critical thinking.

The Sensor Fonts further expand the learning possibilities, enabling students to explore the world of sensors and understand how they can be integrated into their coding adventures. This comprehensive bundle is not just a collection of components; it's a gateway to a multidimensional learning experience that combines robotics, creativity, and problem-solving.

Transform your learning environment with the Fun Kit Bee-Bot Bundle, where education meets innovation. Encourage collaboration, spark curiosity, and provide students with the tools they need to become the architects of their own learning journey. The Fun Kit Bee-Bot Bundle is more than a set of tools; it's an invitation to explore, create, and learn in a dynamic and engaging way.

Bee-Bot - Bee-Bot is an engaging classroom robot for early-age kids to learn STEM with a variety of cross-curricular activates. It’s a Bee-shaped robot, yellow in color with controls to move forward/backward and turn left/right. It teaches kids ages 3+ about controls, directions, algorithms, sequencing, estimation and basic programming too!
It’s a perfect first robot for kids to get familiar with the rudiments of robotics & robot components itself. Kids are driven by their inquisitive nature, helping them to learn more and nurture their abilities.

Pen holder - Now Bee-Bot can draw! Simply click on the shell, place a pen in the pen holder and off you go. This set of 6 rainbow coloured shells are made from a high quality plastic that is designed to withstand everyday school life.

Robot Sensor Fronts - Transform your Robot Sensor into a market stall or a shop with this pack of 10 sensor fronts. Designed to make your programming challenge more interactive, these fronts are ideal to be used alongside your range of Bee-Bot/Blue-Bot Mats. Robot Sensor not included.

Bee-Bot Obstacle Course - Challenge students to program Bee-Bot® through the obstacle course. Including 10 wall pieces, 6 doorways and 2 arches to allow for variation and progression from lesson to lesson.



Early Years Activity Book Age 5-7 Activity Book Age 7-11 Activity Book
Bundle Contents:
  • 4 x Bee bot
  • 1 Pen holder
  • 1 Sensor Fonts
  • 1 Obstacle Course
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