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GRAPHTEC CE6000-40 Plus Vinyl Cutter aka CraftROBO Pro

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GRAPHTEC CE-6000 40 Plus Cutting Plotter is an easy to use and professional vinyl cutting machine solution for faster tu More details

Graphtec's new CE6000 series of cutting machines are finally here! These machines feature faster cut time, precision cutting and a fast and accurate digital servo motor. Graphtec is known for quality and long-lasting machines and their new CE6000 cutters don't disappoint! These cutters also come equipped with the new Graphtec Studio Software, which makes designing and cutting an easy task.

The CE6000 series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. It is equipped with professional-level features such as registration mark sensing and perforation cutting for producing a dividing line of labels or packaging mock-ups.

  • Media brake on the media stocker
  • 4-Point axis alignment
  • Expanded effective cutting area
  • Multiple-mark compensation
  • Switching the pressure of the center push roller
  • 3.7 inch wide user-friendly LCD control Panel
  • 3 - sizes to best suit your applications: 484 mm (19 in.), 712 mm (28 in.), and 1346 mm (52 in.).
  • Max force of 4.41N (450 GF) and speed of 1000MM/S
  • Reliable long length tracking: Up to 196.85 IN
  • Max Cutting Area: 375 mm × 50 m (*1)
  • Cutting Area of Guaranteed Accuracy with Basket: 356 mm × 2 m (*1)
  • Mountable Media Width: Min. 50 mm to max. 484 mm
  • Max Cutting Speed:600 mm/s, in all directions
  • Max Acceleration: 21.2 m/s2, at 45º direction

    Are you looking for an easy-to-use, fast, portable yet very powerful vinyl cutting machine? Look no further, GRAPHTEC CE-6000 40 Plus Cutting Plotter is the solution to all your needs.


    GRAPHTEC A.R.M.S - Automatic Registration Mark Sensor

    The high—quality servo motors are specially made for more production and accuracy. These motors are highly efficient and reduce the media waste by expanding the print and cut area.



    Built-in Front Control Panel

    You get complete tactile control and machine access via the front control panel. There’s a large LCD comprising of 1240 x 280 dots area. The icons are self-explanatory and the controls can be managed to setup in 10 different languages.


    Multiple Preset Controls

    While the cutting machine focuses to be simple to use, but it also let’s advanced users perform complicated cuts. It comes with 8 different presets, including advanced features like tangential control mode, pen up speed, blade wear monitoring and also down force offset.



    Blade Efficiency

    The CE-6000 Plus series has a tremendous cutting force and it’s new algorithm increases cutting efficiency, rather than the traditional blade up-and-down movement approach. This blade efficiency is best for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs, and many other applications as well. 



    Reliable Long-length Cutting

    To ensure a stable media feed, this series offers a reliable long-length tracking for it. With that, a brake system is built-in to save uncontrolled roll media unwinding and to help with the correct loading of heavy-roll media.

    Blazing Fast Speed

    The CE6000 40 Plus Desktop Cutter provides maximum cutting of 600 mm/s, in all directions, with a maximum acceleration of 21.2 m/s2, at 45º direction.


    GRAPHTEC Software

    Provided with machine are two state-of-the-art software, to get you quickly up and running with professional cutting.

                    Cutting Master 4

                    It is most versatile piece of software that helps you to cut directly from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. You can choose to perform these operations directly from the control panel on the plotter as well.

                    Graphtec Pro Studio

    Pro Graphtec Studio is a gift for all those newbie’s who do not own a vinyl cutting software already. With it’s feature rich package and the complete range of design tools including vector, shadows, distortion, welding and inline/outline makes it a perfect combo-fit for machine.


  • No
  • Configuration: - Grit roller with digital servo drive system
  • Maximum cutting force: - 4.41 N (450 gf) in 38 steps
  • Minimum character size: - Approx. 5 mm alphanumeric (varies depending on character font and type of media)
  • Programmable resolution: - GP-GL: 0.1 / 0.05 / 0.025 / 0.01 mm, HP-GL™: 0.025 mm
  • Repeat-ability: - Max. 0.1 mm in plot up to 2 m (*1)
  • Mountable number of tools: - 1 tool
  • Blade type: - Supersteel
  • Pen type: - Oil-based ballpoint, Water-based fiber-tip pen
  • Media type: - Self-adhesive marking film (vinyl, fluorescent, reflective) excluding high-intensity reflective film, up to 0.25 mm thickness Polyester film, up to 0.25mm thickness (unguaranteed accuracy)
  • Interface: - RS-232C, USB2.0
  • Buffer memory: - 2 MB
  • Command sets: - GP-GL / HP-GL™ emulation (Set by command or auto-detect)
  • Display: - Graphic type LCD with back-light (240dots x 128dots), supports 10 languages
  • Registration mark sensing system: - Marks are scanned by an optical sensor (ARMS5.0), Segment area and Multiple marks compensation, 4-points axis alignment, Auto mark detect
  • Alignment accuracy: - Maximum 0.3 mm with printed image (when reading registration marks specified by this machine)
  • Power source: - 100 to 120, 200 to 240 V AC (Auto switch), 50 / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: - 120 VA
  • Operating environment: - 10 to 35 ºC, 35 to 75 % R.H. (non-condensing)
  • Guaranteed accuracy environment: - 16 to 32 ºC, 35 to 70 % R.H. (non-condensing)
  • Compatible OS (*2): - Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7, Mac OSX 10.6 to macOS 10.12 (Graphtec Studio: 10.6 - 10.12, Cutting Master 4: 10.7 - 10.12)
  • Included software: - Cutting Master 4, Graphtec Pro Studio (for Windows), Graphtec Studio (for Mac), Windows driver, Cutting Plotter Controller
  • Compatibility Standards: Safety - UL / cUL, CE mark, RoHS Directive
  • Compatibility Standards: EMC - VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, EN55022 Class A
  • Maximum cutting area (W x L): 14.76 in x 164 ft 0.5 in (375 mm × 50 m) (*1)
  • Cutting area of guaranteed accuracy(W x L) (when using the basket): 14.01 in x 6 ft 6.74 in (356 mm × 2 m) (*1)
  • Mountable media width: Min. 1.96 in to Max.19.05 in (Min. 50 mm to Max. 484 mm)
  • Number of push rollers: 2 rollers
  • Maximum cutting speed: 1 ft 11.6 in/s (600 mm/s), in all directions
  • Maximum acceleration: 69.55 ft (21.2 m/s2), at 45º direction
  • External dimensions (W x D x H): Approx. 26.45 x 13.30 x 10.47 in (672 × 338 × 266 mm)
  • Weight: Approx. 23.14 lb (10.5 kg)
  • Power cord - Cord type varies by country
  • Cutting blade holder - PHP33-CB09N-HS for CB09 cutting blade
  • Cutting blade - CB09UB, 0.9mm dia. supersteel blade
  • Loupe - PM-CT-001, for checking length and quality of blade tip
  • Separate cutter - For manually cutting from sheets and rolls
  • Fiber-tip pen holder - PHP31-FIBER for KF700 fiber-tip pen
  • Water-based fiber-tip pen - KF700-BK (black ink)
  • Carrier sheet of media(*3) - A3 size, 1 sheet/pack for CE6000-40
  • Tray for roll media stock - For CE6000-40, -60(*4)
  • USB cable - USB cable, 2.9m long
  • DVD-ROM - User manual, Windows driver, Plotter Controller
  • Printed document - Quick manual, Safety manual
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