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Kidder PRIMARY MakerSpace Kits 8054MSPR

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The PRIMARY MakerSpace Kits furniture and equipment allow students to work creatively, think critically and collaborate More details
Educational Kidder PRIMARY MakerSpace Kits 8054MSPR are the ideal environment for maker education. The maker movement in education is built upon the foundation of constructionism, which is the philosophy of hands-on learning through building things. Kidder has created a makerspace kit for your primary, junior and intermediate grade levels that are perfect for your schools that do not have a designated shop class for building and construction!
  • Brand: Kidder
  • Product Code: 8054MSPR
  • 4 x Junior Basic Hacksaw (Cat# 50-235)
  • 1 x Medium Hacksaw Blades 10/pkg (Cat# 50-237)
  • 4 x Small Bench Hook 8 & 10mm (Cat# 83-1150-00)
  • 4 x Safety Goggles PRIMARY (Cat# 80-3221-00)
  • 4 x Glue Gun 10W (Cat# 80-480-210)
  • 1 x Basswood 10mmx10mmx61cm 100/pkg (Cat# 83-BW1010)
  • 2 x Maple Dowel 3/16"x24" 8/pkg (Cat# 83-2003-02)
  • 4 x C-Clamp 4" (Cat# 83-1153-00)
  • 1 x MDF Wheels Assorted 3/16" hole (Cat# 83-54-1262)
  • 1 x Red 10x10 Jinx Jointers10/pkg (Cat# 83-3001-00)
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