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Bundle KUBO Coding+ and KUBO Coding++ Only TagTile Sets

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Become super coders with this assortment of 80 additional TagTiles to use with your Kubo Starter pack
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Bundle KUBO Coding+ and KUBO Coding++ Only TagTile Sets.
Boost your students coding expertise with this Coding+ set of 36 additional TagTIles® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles allow control of time, speed, distance and direction.
KUBO Coding+ allows students to become more confident programmers using functions, subroutines and loops for endless possibilities. This set takes students from basic to advanced programming skills and, combined with the original KUBO Coding Pack, provides a full K-5 solution.
Become super coders with Coding++ Set, assortment of 44 additional TagTiles® to use with your KUBO Coding sets. These tiles are adressing concepts of variables, conditions (if/else) and events.



Technical Specifications



  • KUBO Coding+ TagTile Set, set of 36 TagTIles
  • KUBO Coding++ TagTile Set, set of 44 TagTIles
  • Reviews

    Through its aesthetics and simplicity, the KUBO Coding kit has been a valuable resource in our STEAM program. The lesson plans introduce new terms and skills at a manageable pace for teacher and student alike, yet are flexible enough to permit further innovation. The intuitive tiles and maps are a useful aid for visualizing the coding process. However, the biggest hit with the students is the smoothly designed and personable robot; it's opened up avenues to integrate STEAM lessons into our ELA programs as well. We're looking forward to more developments from your team!
    - Emmanuel Thillaiampalam,
    Little Mountain Learning Academy

    KUBO Educational Robot for Kids Age 3+ 
    " KUBO doesn't just support the teaching of coding, there's also a language pack which teaches kids to spell their first words

    Product Review: Kubo 
    " Students and teachers alike will fall in love with this mini robot. KUBO’s five sections of quality STEM materials cover concepts including routes, functions, and loops.

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