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Makerspaces 4

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Makerspace bundle creates a real-world applications for classroom concepts and enagages children of all ages in science, More details
Makerspaces 4
Makerspaces 4
Makerspaces 4:

  • Joy-DocCam series of visualizers are modern document scanners and is setting new trend for everyone to follow. Given the controls and features, it seems to provide simple and powerful solutions to most pressing corporate problems.
  • New Bee-Bot Programmable and Rechargeable Floor Robot is a unique and versatile classroom resource which will delight and engage children in a wide variety of cross-curricular learning activities. Bee-Bot is the ideal support for helping your children learn computing and programming early.
  • Each Bee-Bot / Blue-Bot Command Card pictures one of the 'bot control keys on one side and an image of a Bee-Bot with the same key highlighted on the other. Children can use the cards to record their command sequence as they push Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot's buttons. Command cards provide a visual record of the planned program that students can follow as it is executed. Cards may also be used to create games and challenge young learners.
  • Robobloq Q-scout is an intelligent educational robot that incorporates the concept of STEM education. It is also a key to unlocking children's computer thinking.
  • A set of 12 rechargeable illuminated pebbles , a great resource for sensory rooms and a novel way of encouraging children to experiment and explore. Children with specific schematic behaviours such as rotation and enclosure may enjoy investigating this resource. An ICT resource that can be enjoyed by younger children. They will love stacking, rolling and touching the beautiful pebbles.
  • Illuminated Glow Roller Shakers 6pk , an engaging set of six metallic cylinders with illuminated contents for rolling, shaking, stacking, and turning.
  • Active sitting wakes up your body. Relax and enjoy the freedom from traditional static sitting. Engage your core muscles, keep your spine supple, improve your circulation, and ease your breathing. ErgoErgo is a extraordinary seating concept combining the benefits of active sitting with a bold contemporary design. ExtraErgo is perfect for offices, schools, libraries, healthcare facilities, dorms and your own home. It’s fun public seating and compact enough for the smallest space.
  • The ProScope Mobile is the first wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The ProScope Mobile allows users to establish a secure static IP WiFi network of up to 254 Apple IOS devices. You can simultaneously view live images and capture stills on all 254 IOS devices.
  • MagikPlay STEAM Starter Kit is a set of wooden building blocks that interact with an iPad in a series of fun puzzles and games. Kit includes 4 educational and fun games that explore various challenges and are adapted to different ages. The goal is always to learn while having fun!
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    Makerspaces 4
  • JOYUSING Visual Presenter V500-S Camera
  • Bee Bot
  • Command Cards for Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot
  • Robobloq
  • Sensory glow pebbles
  • Illuminated Glow Roller Shakers
  • Chairs: ErgoErgo Ergonomic Seat and ExtraErgo Active Stool
  • ProScope Mobile with 50X lenses
  • MagikPlay Starter Kit – STEM toy for iPad
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