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New and Upgraded Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot (Model T10082)

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Get students to code, debug and plan algorithms using their tablet or PC and the new interactive Blue-Bot. More details

 Improved & Upgraded Blue-Bot 

It is a super-smart robot for small kids ages 3+ to learn about control. It helps children to learn more about directional language, estimation, and sequencing & develop programming concepts too. The robot can be wirelessly controlled via a tablet or PC. Teachers & instructors use it in classrooms for kids (KS1 & KS2) to boost their creativity, enhance confidence and develop cognitive abilities. 

New & Upgraded Blue-Bot Highlights

Now we have a new Blue-Bot® version, that besides the features of the older model it has:

•    Enhanced Interactivity– Blue-bot can talk to other Blue-bots!
•    Improved Cross-curricular Resources
•    Increased to 200 steps programmable memory! 
•    New Voice Recording & Playback



Early Years Activity Book Age 5-7 Activity Book Age 7-11 Activity Book





Blue’s Blocs App is now available for Chromebooks!


Blue’s Blocs is a complimentary app to the TTS Blue-Bot® and is a great bridge between directional programming with Blue-Bot to block based programming. Blue’s Blocks can also be used with the TTS Rugged Robot®.


Using a familiar block-based environment, students can programme their Blue-Bot® using extended functionality which includes decision making, numerical functions, Boolean operators, and the introduction of variables.


The App is available in the Google Play Store and the iPhone App Store

  • Interact with other Bee-Bots and Blue-Bots
  • Audio playback when Bee-Bot follows commands
  • Blue-Bot can be programmed to perform 45 degree turns
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, PC and Mac
  • Rechargeable so no need to worry about costly batteries
  • There are numerous features, which make writing algorithms both fun and educational.

  • Superior Aesthetics

    Blue-bots are attractive for kids, especially because of their transparent outer-shells and bright built-in LED's. The kid can instantly connect with the robot, as it looks great and offers instant audio / visual feedback to kids.

    Smart Learning Opportunity

    It has been designed for little kids to learn while having fun. Kids get to increase their mental capacity, becomes more receptive & appreciate new activities. It's perfect for a better learning experience in a safe learning environment.


    Robotic Intercommunication

    Now, these robots can talk to each other. So a Blue-bot passing by another Blue-bot can say hello! It becomes a more enjoyable learning experience for kids. They learn to stay happy and positively connect with other kids around.


    Audio Recording / Playback

    Recording with Bee-bot is an amazing addon, kids can now record their own voices and have the robot to play it at each button press! 


    Rechargeable Robot

    Toys are no good if you have to purchase costly batteries for it every time you want to use it. It kills the learning purpose. As this is a rechargeable robot, kids get to play with a robot for hours and ready to play again after a quick recharge. It makes Bee-bot a hassle-free learning solution for classrooms!


    Bluetooth App & Connectivity

    Kids have the most fun with the toys they love. Bee-bot certainly has made sure to be loved by every child as it's specially designed for them. Using Bluetooth-enabled app, kids experience to control the robot from an app via tablet and can even connect to a Mac / PC via software. 


    Blue-bots for Classroom Kids 

    • Quick & Simple to Use
    • With Playback & Audio Recording
    • A Rechargeable Robot
    • With Bluetooth-enabled App
    • Programming Memory up to 200 steps!
    • Can say hello to other Blue-bots & Bee-bots!
    • Delivers High Educational Value




  • Blue-Bot is compatible with any device with version 3.0/4.0+ EDR Bluetooth (e.g. iPad3 and later, iPhone 4s and later) please check your device specifications to ensure it is compatible.
  • Download the app to control Blue-Bot, the latest addition to our floor robot family from iTunes Store.
  • The app enables you to write an algorithm, send it and then Blue-Bot will follow your instructions.
  • Forward/backward movement: 150 +/- 8mm
  • Left/right turn: 90° +/- 4°
  • Pause: 1 second +/- 15%
  • Speed of movement[depends on battery condition]: approx. 65mm/sec
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+
  • Blue-Bot Bluetooth Floor Robot
  • Includes a charging USB cable
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    Q-1 What is the distance of one unit of Blue-Bot?

    One unit is equal to 6 inches, 15 centimeters, of 1 length of the Blue-Bot.

    Q-2 How many commands can Blue Bot hold?

    The Blue-Bot can hold up to 40 commands at one time.

    Q-3 How do I clear the Blue-Bots memory?

    If you are using the buttons on board select the X key to clear what ever commands have been entered into the Bee-Bot.

    Q-4 How Do I Charge the Blue-Bot?

    Note: The robots need to be charged before first use.

    Make sure the Bee-Bot is turned off. The Bee-Bot will not charge if the power and sound are on. The power switch and the sound switch are located underneath the robot. Turn both off when charging or when storing the robot.

    The Blue-Bot can be charged using a USB cable connected to USB charging plug or connected to a USB port on a laptop or desktop.
    1) Insert the USB cable into the charging socket located on the underside of the bot.
    2) Connect the other end to a spare USB port on a desktop, laptop or a USB charging plug.
    3) If you have the Docking Station or Six-Bot USB charger, then place the Blue-Bots into the docking station and connect the power cable.
    4) One eye will light up GREEN to show that the battery is charging.
    6) The GREEN light turns OFF when it is fully charged.

    Q-5 My Blue-Bot won't charge

    1.Make sure the Blue-Bot is turned off before charging. The Blue-Bot will not charge if the power switch and sound switch are on. The power and sound switch are located underneath the robot. Turn both off when charging or when storing.

    2. Try disconnecting and then carefully re-connecting the battery. Often this can correct a usage interruption. If that does now work try switching batteries with a Bee-Bot that doesn't have a charging issue.

    To disconnect and re-connect or switch a battery do the following Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the screw (which has a special design to conform to European regulations–you just need to find a tool that works, perhaps an allen wrench or the blunt tip of a pair of scissors). The screw is triangular and is on the square panel on the bottom of the Bot. Disconnect the battery and then reconnect it. If that does not work try switching the battery with one from a Bee-Bot is charging. This will determine if the problem is with the battery or the Blue-Bot.

    Troubleshooting Tests:

    These simple and quick troubleshooting tests as listed above when done by the customer (or their eager and helpful students) usually solve Bee-Bot movement and battery issues.

    Q-6 Care and Feeding of your Blue-Bot

    1) It is best to use the Blue-Bot on the floor. Using them on a table is not recommended as they may run off the edge and fall off which can possibly damage the bot. For example, a soldered wire could break or come loose.

    2) Do not push the Blue-Bot once the go button has been selected. Pushing the Blue-Bot while it is executing a program can strip the gears, or jam the wheels. The robots are an amazingly effective tool which develops and strengthens the students' logical thinking abilities by their learning how to make the robot move on its own. They are not designed to be used as a race car or a toy.

    3)Please review the How Do I charge the Bee-Bot section on this page.

    Q-7 What is the best way to maximize the Battery Life?

    Battery life depends on how the batteries are handled. Their life can be reduced by both over-charging and under-charging. Blue-Bot batteries are lithium ion batteries and in general should be treated similar to cell phone batteries. You should put a full charge on a battery and then use the device until the battery has run out and then charge it again. That will give you the longest life (just like your cell phone). The batteries should not just be left charging for days, for example.The robots should not be left on the charger between sessions. NOTE: Charge the robot prior to the very first time using it. The robots should not be left on the charger between sessions.

    Q-8 Does My Blue-Bot Have a Warranty?

    Yes it does. Canadian Classroom (aka, is the official U.S. distributor of Blue-Bots and not the manufacturer.

    The manufacturer warranties Blue-Bots to be free of manufacturing defects for up to a year from purchase. Manufacturing defects do not include user errors or damages, which can occur if the robots and their batteries are not properly cared for. Manufacturing defects typically show up almost immediately, not after a long period of use.