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Puzzlets Educators Starter Pack

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A science toy for kids, Puzzlets proves to be a fun indoor game or activity for kids at home. Prepare children for creat More details
We all want the best for our children, but kids just want to have fun. This can place us at odds with our children, but there is a better way. Puzzlets puts fun and learning hand-in-hand with gameplay that leads kids to create problem solving skills. We all learn from the technology we consume; so, for children, utilizing tangible games, such as Puzzlets, develops intrinsic value and creativity.
The question isn’t if kids learn from the games that they play, but what they learn. Games designed for the Puzzlets platform focus on teaching children innovative ways of thinking while ensuring they’re entertained.
Puzzlets lets you bring embodied learning, also known as kinesthetic learning, into your home. Each of the games for the Puzzlets platform are designed to use interactive learning in order to maximize the player’s retention of the lesson materials. Check-out all of the games for Puzzlets below along with the STEAM topics they teach.
Puzzlets isn’t just a series of interactive video games, it’s a toy as well. Half of Puzzlets’ games are played on a screen while the other half is played by arranging and rearranging tiles on the Play Tray. We call this 50/50 Play because play time is evenly split between the real and digital worlds.
With two modes of learning, Puzzlets makes working toward a common goal with a friend, parent, or teacher a natural way to experience the game collaboratively.
Innovative programs aim to teach children to think critically (science, technology, and math) and creatively (art and design), and to then join the critical and creative to solve real-world problems (engineering).
For K-2 STEAM learning, use Puzzlets
  • Hands on play + interactive game
  • Ages 6-10, but adventure games are fun for all ages
  • 1 or 2 player options develop social skills and collaborative minds
  • Launch the app, connect to bluetooth or USB, and you’re set to play
  • Hands on play + interactive game
  • No
    Compatibility Guide
  • Most iOS devices, Android devices, and Mac computers purchased from 2014 onward are compatible
  • Mac Computer (USB only)
    Must be running OSX 10.8+ and note that even if your Mac has Bluetooth, you must use USB for Mac computers
  • iOS Devices
    iPad 3+, iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad Mini Air, iPhone 4s+. Not compatible with iPad 1 or 2, not recommended for iPad Mini (1st Generation)
  • Android Devices
    Android version 4.3 or newer and Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Check full compatibility using GSMArena’s “Search” feature at top of screen. After you search, look under “COMMS” for your device and make sure it is v4.0 or newer
  • Not Compatible with Windows, Kindle Fire, or Chrome book
    Puzzlets games are not compatible with Windows, Chromebooks, Kindle Fire, or RCA Voyager devices
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