Qball PRO, Throwable Microphone with LED Light Ring! Perfect for Video Conferencing, Hybrid Learning, Recording and More

Introducing the Qball PRO – The Throwable Microphone with a Brilliant LED Light Ring!   Discover the ultimate solution for dynamic engagement in various settings More details
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Introducing the Qball PRO – The Throwable Microphone with a Brilliant LED Light Ring!


Discover the ultimate solution for dynamic engagement in various settings, from video conferencing to hybrid learning and recording. The Qball PRO, a throwable wireless microphone, is designed to enhance your communication experience in a multitude of applications.


Key Features:


Interactive Engagement: Break away from conventional communication methods with the Qball PRO. Toss it to activate the microphone, and the built-in LED light ring signals its readiness. Catch it to mute, and speak into it for crystal-clear audio. It transforms any space into an interactive hub.


Versatile Applications: Whether you're in a video conference, classroom, studio, or any scenario that demands active participation and communication, the Qball PRO is your versatile companion.


Brilliant LED Light Ring: The Qball PRO features a captivating LED light ring that not only signifies its status but also adds a dynamic visual element to your presentations and interactions.


Wireless Freedom: With its wireless design, you can move freely around the room without the constraints of traditional microphones and cables. It's the epitome of convenience and flexibility.


Exceptional Audio: Enjoy clear and amplified sound with the Qball PRO, ensuring that your voice is heard loud and clear, even in larger spaces.


User-Friendly: Its intuitive operation makes it accessible to users of all backgrounds, whether you're a teacher, presenter, or content creator.


Enhanced Engagement: Encourage active participation and interaction, making your presentations and lessons more engaging and memorable.


Upgrade your communication and engagement with the Qball PRO. It's the perfect tool for adding an element of fun and dynamism to your interactions.


Experience the future of interactive communication with the Qball PRO. Order yours today and transform your video conferences, hybrid learning sessions, recordings, and more into captivating and immersive experiences.



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Amazing Features We Love:
LED Light Ring Indicates if Qball is Muted or Not
Amazing Sound Quality
All-Day Battery Life – 12+ Hours
Quiet-Toss Automatic Mute Technology
Hush Mode
Easy to Clean
Battery Saver Feature
Simplified Setup and Installation
The Soft yet Durable foam is designed to take a beating
Works in the 2.4GHz Wireless Band
Qball Specifications:
Charging Port: 5Volt 1.0 Amp USB-C
Battery Size: 1500MaH Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Life: 12+ hours
Gain Control: yes
Auto/Sleep shutoff: 10 Min Standby/2 hr shutoff
Quiet Toss: Auto-mute when in motion
Material: PU Foam
Dimensions: 8″ Diameter
Weight: 1lb 1oz (17oz)

Receiver Specifications:
Power Supply: 5Volt 1.0 Amp USB-C
Audio Output: 3.5mm Stereo (mini)
Audio In: 3.5mm Stereo (mini)
# of Microphones Supported: 1
Dimensions: 3.8″3.8″x1.1″
Weight: 3.1oz

Technical Specifications:
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz ISM Band (2.400-2.485 Ghz)
Operating Range: 75ft
Operating Temperature Range: 32°F (0°C) to 100°F(38°C)
Automatic Frequency Selection: Yes
Signal Type: Digital
Latency: 12.5ms Minimum
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