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New Bee-Bot Programmable Floor Robot

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Bee-Bot is an exciting robot designed specifically for use by young children ages 3+. This colorful, easy-to-operate, and friendly little robot is a perfect tool for teaching sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!
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Bee-Bot is a unique and versatile classroom resource which will delight and engage children in a wide variety of cross-curricular learning activities. Bee-Bot is the ideal support for helping your children learn computing and programming early. Bee-Bot’s® simple and child-friendly layout is a perfect starting point for teaching control, directional language, and programming. With a wide range of cross-curricular mats to program with, and fun accessories to personalize, Bee-Bot® is the must-have programming resource for any KS1 classroom.

Now we have a new Bee-Bot® version, that besides the features of the older model it has:

• Increased interaction – Bee-bots can talk to other Bee-bots!
• New Cross-curricular resources
• 200 steps program memory!
• With Audio Recording & Playback
• Simple & Bright Buttons
• Sound & Flash notifications upon sequencing instructions.
• Compact & Durable

 Note: From March 21st, 2019 the old version is discontinued and we will be shipping the new interactive version.


  • Clear and bright buttons
  • Makes sounds and flashes eyes to confirm instructions when sequencing
  • Memory of up to 40 steps and pause commands
  • Robust design
  • No confusing degree turns to program
  • Open-ended learning device
  • Small and compact

  • Bee-Bot® can accurately move in steps of 15cm, turn in 90° turns, and remembers up to 40 steps!

    Bee-Bot is a great resource to support the development of computing skills:

  • Introduction to sequencing and control
  • Develops positional and directional language
  • Program sequences and repetitions
  • Understand algorithms
  • Design, write and debug programs
  • Detect and correct errors in programs
  • Supports development of fine motor skills
  • Bee-Bot can be used across the curriculum for engaging learning.

  • Benefits:
  • Child-friendly design makes it suitable for foundation stage children and upwards.
  • Gives children immediate audio and visual feedback.
  • Very tough and easy to use.
  • Drop tested for durability.
  • Bee-Bot doesn’t need lots of open space.Use on the desk top or on the floor.
  • Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 15 x 8.2 cm
  • Rechargeable robot with USB cable (supplied)
  • Item Weight: 318 g
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+
  • Contents

  • Bee-Bot Floor Robot

  • USB Lead

  • Reviews

    "My students needed very little direct instruction on how to use the Bee-Bot. What I really like about this Bee-Bot is that the robot remembers the program that the students have already entered so that they can add on to their program and they didn't have to their program over each time. It will remember up to 40 steps!" Read more Emily MacGillivary, 1st grade teacher, Ontario, Canada

    "Bee-Bot is a visually attractive, audible easily handle able programmable floor robot which can be used to support the development of skills in a wide range of areas. It allows learners to give a range of instructions from simple to more complex. Pupils with SEN could use it to develop one, two and three stage sequences using a variety of activity mats. It can be used for the development of fine motor skills by using the directional buttons. It can support imaginative play through the use of commercial or school designed covers. It allows learners to demonstrate skills in ways that a traditional approach would not support. A positive ICT resource for Early Years." Sue Woodgate, Head of SSSEN - Buxton Area Education Office

    I really like the Bee-Bot programmable toy ... It combines the ease of use of [another product] with an attractive look ... The fact that it beeped after every command was liked and ... its small size meant that it was more practical to use..." Susan Garrett - Wakefield Education Advisory Service

    Bee bots are extremely child-friendly Robots "The Bee-Bot has become a staple ingredient of the early years ICT curriculum in the last few years. Everyone praises the device for being extremely child-friendly and accessible - a perfect programmable toy that is great for teaching basic control skills.

    JUST LET ME PLAY: CARMELINA DI GRIGOLI, OCT "The Bee-bot is a programmable robot that helps early learners explore the first stages of programming."

    CODING WITH BEE-BOT - FRENCH SEQUENCE CARDS "Thanks to Canadian Classroom, I finally get to test out Bee-Bot in my classroom, just in time for Hour of Code."

    BEE-BOT ROBOT - A TEACHING TOOL "Perfect tool for introducing programming to my primary French students."

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