Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle

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Embark on Adventure with the Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle!

Step into a world of thrilling exploration with the Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle—an all-in-one adventure package designed for enthusiasts of all ages. This comprehensive bundle brings together the dynamic Rugged Robot and exciting accessories, creating an immersive experience that promises excitement, learning, and endless fun.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Robot Adventure: The heart of the bundle, the Rugged Robot, is a powerhouse of exploration. Built for durability and adaptability, this rugged companion is ready to conquer any terrain—indoors or outdoors. With its programmable features, it opens the door to a realm of interactive play and learning.
  • Excursion Mat: Transform any space into a captivating landscape with the included Excursion Mat. Whether it's a jungle, a race track, or an archaeological site, this versatile mat sets the stage for imaginative adventures. Watch as the Rugged Robot navigates the exciting terrain, adding a new dimension to playtime.
  • Treasure Island Mat: Uncover the mysteries of a virtual treasure hunt with the Treasure Island Mat. This captivating accessory sparks creativity as the Rugged Robot explores uncharted territories, seeking hidden treasures and encountering thrilling challenges along the way.

Why Choose the Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle?

Dynamic Adventure:  Experience the excitement of dynamic adventures with the Rugged Robot leading the way through diverse terrains.

Immersive Play:  The Excursion Mat and Treasure Island Mat provide immersive backdrops, enhancing playtime with endless possibilities and imaginative storytelling.

Programmable Learning:  Introduce foundational programming concepts through the Rugged Robot's programmable features, fostering a blend of fun and educational exploration.

Versatile Exploration: From rugged landscapes to treasure hunts, the bundle offers versatile exploration, keeping the excitement alive with each new adventure.

All-In-One Adventure: The Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle is a comprehensive adventure package, ensuring you have everything you need for a thrilling and engaging experience.

Transform playtime into an epic adventure with the Rugged Robot Excursion Bundle. Order now and let the exploration and excitement begin!

Rechargeable -- with LED ring to show charge level
Outdoor friendly with 3 speed settings suitable for different surfaces
See & Say functionality -- Recordable messages to confirm when commands have been entered
Memory of up to 256 steps
Program using 45-degree turns
20cm travel distance for each step
Built-in distance sensors to avoid obstacles
Hole to insert camera mount that comes with the Robot Sports Camera
4 x Rugged Robots
Robot Sports Camera
Six-Bot USB Charger
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